August 22, 2015

9.15 am. After further FaceBookery, I returned to pedalling. Effectors were added and removed, Velcroed and reordered. Their interaction is analogous to a family of self-centred children. Ideally, each of them wants to be first in line and, when they don’t, some them make a noise about it. Placement is always a negotiation and a compromise. Other pedals are quiet, but dull the tone of the output signal — wherever they are placed. Such are necessarily omitted … however useful they might otherwise be. Nevertheless, the final board now comprises a fairly wide range of sound twisters, shakers, and shovers. Sufficient:


4.45 pm. For the record: the addition of a buffer unit either in between the looper and the Nova System or after the Nova System and before the amp introduced a loud click whenever a pedal button was pressed. (This is a DC impedance issue, I suspect.) The only buffer present is that which is integral to the Boss TU2 tuner pedal. The Moogfooger Drive pedal (post fuzz) and one GigFx pedal placed in series directly after another undermined the overall fulsomeness of the tone. On, then, with the ‘trussing’, cable rationalisation, and a final test through a variety of amplifiers.

The pedalboard’s interaction both with the guitar and the amplifier is as important as its internal coherence and quality. (As in life, integrity is not only intrinsic to the individual but also relational.):


5.20 pm. Enough!  7.30 pm. An evening with the family.

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