August 24, 2016

6.15 am: Floor exercises. 8.30 am: A little admin. I’m planning to construct a more portable mini-rack (4 units) for use on out-of-studio projects. Some initial sourcing of equipment was required. 10.00 am: A haircut. I’d not before noticed the intriguing double-inversion of the image in the salon’s mirrors:


10.30 am: Back into the sound studio to complete the overhaul. I’ve determined to remove all materials and equipment associated with image making. The room will no longer have a double identity. Efficiency and focus, like a gas, must expand to occupy the whole container. In between excursions to and from the basement, I responded to emails and placed orders related to the proposed mini-rack (which, in turn, will require its own mini-power conditioner.) All fun.

Public: ‘John! Why make the type of art that you do?’ John: ‘Because it’s the type of art that I want to see; the type of art that I need to be’. 





By the close of the evening, and a great deal of disposal, moving, reallocation, cleaning, and pruning, the sound studio began to breath once more. There was, now, excess of space; which is how it always should be.

And, in the process of shifting and shunting: rediscovered — my mother’s paternal grandfather’s (‘Grampa’ Tom Rees) pocket watch. A Waltham (c.1880-90s):



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