August 30, 2016

A late night’s work put pay to any determination I had to get out there and run at 6.00 am+. I woke at the shameful hour of 7.30 am. 8.45 am. Into the cellar and out into the garden to measure and cut boards in readiness for their transportation to the School, later in the morning. Black & Decker Man goes into action:


10.30 am: I returned to pdf-ing the booklet (having lost half of yesterday’s efforts due to a ‘save’ error). Often, a repeat effort improves upon the initial endeavour. 11.30 am: Mr Garrett and Ms Hughes turned up to transport my surplus materials. These will be at the disposal of second and third year painting students. The painting studios need to develop a more workshop-like ethos … like that established by Mr Croft in the Printmaking dungeons. A disciplined working environment often rubs off on the undisciplined worker.

12.30 pm: An MA Fine Art tutorial with one of our finalising students. They and others will exhibit at the School in late September.

1.40 pm. On with pdf-ing documents, while listening to a selection of Burt Bacharach’s songs, to sooth the process:


His compositions, Herb Albert’s trumpet, and the brassy ebullience the orchestration defined the upbeat spirit and optimism which characterised much mid 1960s’ music. By mid afternoon, the booklet was complete, and looked so much the better for the effort put into redoing it. Upload!

I returned to my website to finalise the gallery for The Pictorial Bible I project, inserting images of the final four artworks made under this banner into the pdf pages.

Evening. I began the slow process of preparing web-ready versions of the pdfs and images; they’ll be uploaded to the website tomorrow:




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