December 11, 2017

Over the weekend, a filling in my lower back tooth had ruptured, as the result of biting on an ice cube I suspect. 9.00 am: I initiated a request for an emergency appointment. My university junk mail problem has been cured. For some reason, pretty much everyone was being deposited there. (A good, if delusional, way of culling an inbox.) So much spam from shopping outlets to insurance offers clutters my junk-mail folder. Unfortunately, I’m at the mercy of the university server’s filter. Now, at least, I can delete the whole folder at the end of each day without having to look at the contents.

On with administrations. This is going to be a corker of a week. 10.30 pm: Off to the School in an enlivening air …

… for a School of Art Management Committee on Art History.

2.00 pm: Into the studio and back to The Bible in Translation. I’d got as far as I and II Chronicles in respect to the analogue to data transfer from vinyl. I continued with I and II Kings. This process has already taken an age. But it happens in the background to my activities. In the foreground, I returned to the ‘chaos’ composition and added small samples of the overlaid sermon section, which I’d rejected from the composition last week. Sometimes exclusions return, but on an entirely different basis:

Mid afternoon, as the sun set behind the grey clouds, seaward, I moved onto the ‘musicality’ [identifying title] composition to adjust the EQ of the backing track. The ‘Psalm 23 collage’ [identifying title] was next in the frame. I aligned the original studio capture with the reverberant recording made at Bethel chapel. I was edging towards something. It is was the faintest sense of a potentiality already lay within the composition.

7.30 pm: I implemented my instincts.



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