December 12, 2014

The day of Steve’s funeral. 4.40 am. A drizzled walk (rain and funerals were made for one another) through the town to the railway station. A surprising number of students were starting their parole before the close of the last day of term. Unfortunately, neither they nor I were going far. Severe, overnight rain in the Welshpool area had flooded both the lines and the road network passing through the town. There was little likelihood of any of us arriving at Shrewsbury until mid morning, and certainly not in time for me to catch my connection to Colwyn Bay. I abandoned ship, and retraced my journey home:


The condition of my hand and my continuing bouts of nausea precluded a car journey. Somethings don’t happen. I went back to bed until mid morning.

10.15 am. I responded to a number of ‘leadership’ emails arising from yesterday evening’s correspondences, before returning to The Floating Bible file processing. Matt. 19.26 was completed by lunchtime.

1.45 pm. On, then, with Matt. 19.27. 3.00 pm.  Verse completed, I reopened the Large Letters project. The letters needed to be stretched vertically, like those in The Floating Bible project. Due to the character of the source — individual letters, as opposed to whole words, handwritten using a fountain pen in blue-black ink — the output of the process is entirely different:

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 19.32.17

6.15 pm. Practice session 1. 7.15 am. The initial composition of the 42 Greek letters that make up Galatians 6.11. The file sizes are substantial. On, then, to Preaching = Painting, based on Galatians 3.1. The digital framework for the work is a series of grids drawn in Excel. The software provides a simple but entirely adequate means of drafting and finishing images made up of rectilinear elements.

9.45 pm. Practice Session 2.

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