December 12, 2015

7.00 am. I wanted to complete ‘Piece 3’ of My Heart is Broken in Three before I set myself to engage the official agenda of work for the day. By 10.00 am, the suite was ready for release:

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 10.38.22

Oddly, the cover images accompanying a number of my diary posts are no longer visible on FaceBook. One of the great limitations of this particular social media is that you can’t edit photographs and videos after a post has been published. Not either knowing the cause nor having the ability to remedy the effect is frustrating. Will FaceBook answer my query?

10.45 am. I’d completely forgotten about a commitment that I’d made to produce a research review for the university on the R R B V E Ǝ T N Ƨ O A project. (Sometimes, you’re obliged to feed the hand that bites you.) This needed to be off my desktop pronto. The hardest part about starting anything is starting it.


I’d completed a draft by 2.45 pm, and posted it off to the commissioners to see whether it fitted the bill. There’s little point to proceeding in the wrong direction.

3.00 pm. Into the sound studio and onto a little hardware management. Dismantlement:


Four pedalboards is one too many. I cleared the tables and the floor, readying the room for the next venture. I must take stock of my floor gear in order to formulate a disposals policy. Of course, I’ll end up selling on the one day the very thing that I’ll need on the next.

It hasn’t stopped raining all day. The train line to Shewsbury is now closed.

5.00 pm. Rest. An evening with my wife.


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