December 12, 2016

Yesterday. 9.30 am: Goodbye son; goodbye London:

Today. 8.15 am: Diary to upload, emails to address, appointments to confirm, and the remainder of last week’s Black Board material to process. 10.15 am: Off to my GP to apprise them (and them, me) about numerous and unrelated ailments on a broad spectrum of severity and implication that have been my affliction over the last few months. Like me, the announcement monitor was glitching:

11.00 am: Back at homebase, I made ready a PowerPoint presentation for tomorrow’s postgraduate teaching and MA inquirers’ talk:

Lunchtime: Numerous amps and noisy machines, used at last week’s Art/Sound event, were retrieved from the School and humped to home. Now they have to be carefully re-boxed. Look after your equipment, and it will look after you.

2.00 pm: Having accidentally erased the morning’s PowerPoint endeavours (that’ll teach me), I redid the whole, although more quickly and probably better. 3.00 pm: A packing away of equipment and cables into their allocated boxes …

… followed a test of an extension amp to cabinet stereo connection and the assembly of my new guitar (drum) seat (throne). ‘Shouldn’t you be writing, or painting, or making an inexorable noise or something, rather than just tidying stuff?’, said the detractor. ‘No! For me, the creative discipline is predicated upon orderliness and efficiency. That begins wth the studio and its components. Ensure that these are where they should be, functional, and accessible, and the rest will follow.

6.15 pm: Practise session 1. 7.50 pm: Off to the Art Centre to see David Lynch’s Blue Velvet (1986). I’ve watched the film more time than I can remember. I can return to it again and again, as to a piece of music, without either exhausting its content or fathoming its mystery. Some films are entertainment, others are art. This is decidedly the latter. That Lynch heralds from a fine art background is not incidental:


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