December 13, 2014

9.30 am. I’m aiming to complete processing the verso half of The Floating Bible pages by the close of the weekend. Matt. 19.27 (a biggy) opened the working day. Scan … zzzmm  … scan … zzzmm … scan … zzzmm … hic … etc:


1.00 pm. By lunchtime, after three hours — with one welcome interruption by a good friend who popped in for a brief visit — the verse was finished. Any task peaks in interest once one has reached an optimum efficiency for its performance. Now is that time.

1.40 pm. I took up from where I left off on Preaching = Painting last night. The palette for the project is derived from the predella of Lucas Cranach the Elder’s Wittenberg Altarpiece (1547). 24 hues (one for each letter of the Greek alphabet) were extracted from the colour scheme of the painting as a whole through a process of automatic colour aggregation facility in Photoshop. The hues were then rearranged in order of their achromatic values (consistent with the practice in Greek thought, which regarded chromatic colours in terms of lightness and darkness, principally):


mono copy

3.15 pm. Afterwards, the rationalised palette was prepared for incorporation into Excel. This is where the software hits a hard wall. Its integral swatches cannot be modified numerically to accept either precise RGB inputs or Hex codes. The colours will have to be recreated by eye. I copied-in sample swatches from Photoshop in readiness for mixing and matching:

RGB palette

The derived palette is very much like that Picasso and Braque used in early analytical Cubist paintings.

4.45 pm. Enough! Time to enjoy my elder son’s return from university, and an evening with the family:




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