December 17, 2014

9.00 am. A time for a clearing of the desk and a putting away of things:


10.45 am. The first of three PhD tutorials today. 12.30 pm. Followed immediately by a second. Much meat for encouragement: things proceeding; things coming to an end.

1.30 pm. Lunch on hoof before a final, off schedule, painting tutorial at the Old College — one which yielded an unexpected surprise departure and anticipated a fresh and vital fusion in the coming semester.

3.15 pm.  Back at the School, I took a first look at the cover and booklet for the new Evan Roberts CD. It looks good. The problem of setting out a bilingual text is exacerbated by the limit’s of the case’s size. However, the designer has managed to segregate or otherwise distinguish the two languages as well as any could, I suspect:

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 16.08.06

Afterwards, I proof read an entry for the Schools provision in the new university prospectus before awaiting my final PhD tutee of the day to turn up.

4.15 pm. A ‘boring’ tutorial with a PhD tutee who’s recently returned from Addis Ababa and a fascinating core-sampling expedition. We drilled down through the science to the metaphor.

7.00 pm. The family attended the Penglais School Awards evening at the Great Hall, Aberystwyth Arts Centre. My younger son received the music prize — which is not something of which I would have  been remotely capable when I was his age. The sound master of the CD has arrived. I’ll need to review the post-production work tomorrow.

10.30 pm. The ‘night watch’. I proof read and made comments on the CD cover text and layout for the designer, and completed Matt. 20.2 and another page of verses thereby:



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