December 2, 2014

8.30 am. Set up for Art/Sound. My penultimate lecture. Yesterday and today I’ve been attempting to fit a quart into a pint pot — endeavouring to map Wednesday and Thursday’s teaching responsibilities on top of what I’d ordinarily deliver during this part of the week. 10.00 am. I bounced into the Vocational Practice session to thoroughly enjoy an hour of student readings. The commitment of the students in both consistent and equal.

11.00 am. A legitimately delayed arrival of a PhD Art History student for a tutorial gave me time to climb to the top of my inbox. 11.45 am. A protracted and intense tutorial — as is often the case when the student is on the last lap before submission. (Personally, I was glad to have had an earlier night. Concentration was required from beginning to end.)

2.00 pm. I returned to the second phase of file processing for the Sindebt project:

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 14.24.46

Mid afternoon, I began sourcing archival quality papers and glue and consulting with a new carpenter about the construction of bespoke picture frames.

5.00 pm. Back to the School of Art to help Dafydd familiarise himself with the lecture theatre sound and vision system in readiness for his contribution to Art/Sound on Thursday (when I shall be truly zoned out). I love his gadgets.

6.15 pm. Practice session 1. (One of the last until my wounds heal.) 7.30 pm. I dispatched emails, packed a rucksack, and made ready for the morrow.

10.00 pm. Practice session 2.

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