December 20, 2014

9.30 am. Into town and to the Farmers’ Market and other purveyors to retrieve orders and stock for the Christmas weekend. Onto the paint shop to purchase a decent quality brush  (Hamilton, 1 1/2:) for priming, and ultra-fine grade ‘wet & dry’ for polishing the surface of gesso:


10.15 am A visit to the Craft Fayre at the Arts Centre, where young ballet dancers weaved in and out of the adults like the small aliens at the end of Close Encounters of a Third Kind. 11.00 am. I completed the distribution of Christmas cards and returned to the enterprises at hand.

1.30 pm. My daily bible verse is Matt. 20.4. The process of copying, stretching, and composing the words is a meditation of sorts. I’m contemplating printing the finalised images on ‘bible paper’ (which I find exquisite).’Bible paper’ may yet be the support for Sindebt too.  A return to sourcing. I need an absolute dead matt black water-based emulsion to begin the Image & Superscription quartet. Farrow & Ball are always my first port of call:


3.30 pm. I created a test page for Sindebt in order to determine and correct any tonal anomalies arising from the image processing stage as well as to establish the correct grid lattice:

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 16.02.26

4.15 pm. I stretched several test sheets for A Wordless Gospel and then looked at the system notes for Image & Superscription. The motif will need to be simplified. Presently, the ‘T’ (Hebrew: tau or Anthony’s Cross) formation creates finicky negative spaces when rotated within a square. The concept requires only the crossbar of the ‘T’ (which is that section of Christ’s cross on which the superscription was nailed):

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 16.55.50

5.00 pm. Shop closed. An evening with the family.



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