February 24, 2017

9.00 am: Studiology >

In the morning, I began to record Scourby’s reading of the words ‘blind’, ‘blinded’, and ‘blindness’ on the LPs that make up The Talking Bible, beginning with the New Testament. Analogue encoding cannot be word searched; finding my quarry was, therefore, a slow and manual labour. A whine and a hum have again entered the sound system. But the set-up hasn’t changed since it was last turned off. Puzzling. A better isolation of all electrical inputs may be required. Mercifully, this extraneous noise doesn’t transfer to the digital recording. So, I continued:

‘Blind’ (Matthew 11.5)

Listening to the scriptures being read aloud provided a markedly different encounter than that experienced when silently reading them to oneself. They were animated (infused with personality); the text (quite literally) ‘spoke’ to me.

1.45 pm: A scurry to the School to retrieve a parcel of bespoke cables (courtesy of Owen Electronics), so that I could begin a rehabilitation of Pedalboards I. En route: Now, this is painting. The paint is sumptuous (like thick molten vanilla ice cream) — slow to pour but fast drying:

2.10 pm: A change of activity: the rewiring of PBI >

The system was tested after each effector was reintroduced. This ensured that the connections between components were sound, there was no noise generated, and that the tonality and amplitude was maintained at a constant. I exposed a problem with the boards initial input and a hum, caused by inserting a TS plug into TRS adapter into a TS socket. Solving such problems brings me great deal of pleasure.

7.30 pm: An evening off. To the cinema …

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