January 20, 2015

8.30 am. Into the School. The anticipated order of the day had to be changed. Consequently, I had time to begin settling my teaching diary for the semester and the dates for the final delivery of the Chapels in Wales module:


9.45 am. An MA Fine Art tutorial in the context of a productively  messy studio. Painting insists upon its own space:


11.00 am. Sourcing and, then, a return to the relative cleanliness and order of my own studio space (appropriate to the work). I continued with the fourth panel in the Image & Superscription series, added a layer to YHWH, and primed a board in readiness for Chi Rho:


4.20 pm. Like Moses’ bush: the houses burned with fire, and the houses were not consumed:


6.30 pm. Practice session 1. right and left hand coordination exercises. 7.30 pm. Back to writing. There’s an art in knowing just how how much to explain and what must remain obscure.