July 25, 2015

9.30 am. A balmy promenade, It’s an enormous privilege to live here:


On to the Farmers’ [mini]Market for fresh vegetables:


10.30 pm. Into the sound studio to consider afresh the new composition, and to refine a technique of creating believable transitions between discontinuous samples of musical phrases. Perceptual acuity — in particular, the ability hear, understanding, and replicate the precise nature of a note’s decay and the temporal intervals between notes — is of the essence at this stage.

1.30 pm. A little father and son DIY, foiled only by duff, crumbly walls and the absence of Polyfilla. We’ll be back! 3.00 pm. The more dependable, immaterial reality of digitization. Sometimes, in composition (whether audio or visual), one can labour for hours without achieving anything, while at other times, things fall into place with the ease of Lego bricks. The former condition is, I believe, but the tilling of the soil before the harvest. Effort is never wasted. My source samples are taken from three tracks on the original album, none of which are in the same key. In the absence of this basis of continuity I’m cast upon other means: the establishment of a dominant mood, a structured repetition of motifs, and a key note to which all others return.


5.00 pm. Shut down. 6.30 pm. An evening with the family.




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