July 27, 2015

Walk a little faster (Orny Jahveh)

9.00 am. I checked my analogue mail at the School before shuffling into town to work through a list of errands and personal commissions, such as transferring information from one SIM card to another at the EE shop (which I’ve never noticed before). I was helped by an able in-store assistant and an operative at a call centre in India. (The boundaries of shops are permeable these days.) ‘Is this for your mobile?’, they asked. ‘No’. I very rarely use one’, I replied. ‘And, I don’t drive either’, I thought. They must’ve considered me to be a time traveller … from the past. 10.30 pm. At my desk back at homebase, I cleared my ‘do to’ A-list (max priority) of outstanding postgraduate admin, attended to several equipment resourcing matters, and refilled and prioritized my now empty ‘to do’ list (with realistic deadlines attached).

1.40 pm. Now equipped with Polyfilla, I return to Saturday’s abandoned, domestic DIY challenge:


2.10 pm. Back to the sound art cluster of projects. Plans are afoot for an open studio at the Drwm, National Library of Wales, to coincide with Freshers’ Week. At the event, I’ll be composing the Image & Superscription sound project. The initial publicity was released on the John Harvey website:

IMG_4262 copy

6.20 Practice session 1. 7.30 pm. On, now, with the extended publicity text. This will not go public until the dates of the open studio are finalised, and closer to the event.