July 27, 2016

8.15 am. I returned to the first pass review of the second and third sections of the booklet, and began the process of anomaly extraction:

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 12.01.55

Some observations and principles derived from today’s activities and attitudes:

  • Be inside your own head more often.
  • Better to be a little fish in a big pond than a big fish in a small pond. But better, still, to be a big fish in a big pond.
  • At the beginning of your career, you may not be confident that your work is any good. As your career matures, you may become increasingly confident that the work is good, but doubt whether it’s of any value, interest or relevance to others.
  • It takes great courage to work in the face of indifference and anonymity.
  • Popularity and fame do not make the work any better than it is.
  • No audience. No compromise.
  • Be conscious of the words that you’ll speak.
  • Learn to remain silent under duress
  • Jettison the excess.
  • You can’t fake integrity.

Lunchtime. I made trial of several different buffer and buffered efforters in order to discern whether I could hear significant differences in the tonal quality of the guitar signal passed through each and into an amplifier. It’s subtle:


Afternoon and evening. I proceeded further with the first pass and the finalisation of figure inserts (which will take another day to complete).