June 17, 2015

8.15 am. I dealt with the remaining inbox missives, followed up matters arising from a failed courier pick up, and sourced sound equipment. 9.00 am. Sound studio prep day. Having processed the English and Welsh versions of the Second Commandment, the two handboards needed to be disassembled and packed away, the double DJ deck and mixer taken out for an inaugural spin, and the studio’s cable routing, rationalised:


10.00 am. Courier hiccups have been resolved. The putting away of things is taking longer than anticipated. A superfluity of PSUs:


1.50 pm. Pedalboard 3 (designed for the New Song project (currently in abeyance)) is on the table. It will cleaned and thoroughly tested, along with the studio base mixer stack:


3.30 pm. All check! Next, the turntables and mixer were assembled and connected:


I ensure that both tables are absolutely horizontal in all directions and that their tone arms are properly aligned. Thereafter, decisions are made regarding which modulation and looping devices are to be integrated.

7.30 pm. I added and tested a Korg Kaos Quad filter and Boomerang III sampler/looper pedal (foot operated) into the mixer’s send and receive circuit. The ergonomics of positioning filters and the like within arm’s length of the decks and mixer requires some attention. Ideally, they should sit above and a little behind the level of the decks. Solution: ‘Stand buy for action!’, as they say in Stringray.

9.20 pm. The parting light: