June 27, 2015

8.30 pm. A night of fractious thoughts and intermittent sleep. In the periods of more productive wakefulness, I reconciled my focal ambitions and commitments in sound art with my shopping list of forthcoming equipment purchases. (When money is tight, spending priorities need to be clearly defined.)  In principle, buy items that:

  • are of the best quality I can afford;
  • I don’t have in any shape or form;
  • are needed in the immediate future;
  • will facilitate either the composition or recording or performance or promotion of my endeavours.

Another idea, this time related to the current sound composition, emerged during the night season. 9.00 am. I acted upon it, inserting a drone derived from an abandoned track. The addition changed the character of the whole considerably. Which is what it required. A creative output that almost works (as in this instance), may as well not work at all. So, there’s nothing lost by undoing it. The insertion provides what, I now perceive, was lacking in the composition yesterday: an energy and sense of urgency.

2.00 pm. An afternoon of outstanding tasks, beginning with a minor paint job:


Then, a dismantling of Pedalboard 3 in readiness for a new build:


6.00 pm. I attended the opening of Knowing Place at the Gas Gallery, Aberystwyth. This is getting to be quite the place for artists to be seen:


I doubt there was a room in Aberystwyth this evening so full of imagination and committed people.

6.45 pm. Closure.