March 23, 2015

8.20 am. My elder son, Sam (who hadn’t yet seen the exhibition), and I went to the School and booted up the machine for the final time. I photographed the gallery before the works were dismantled, equipment was packed away, and the space vacated in readiness for the next show:


It feels like the end of a gig … when the roadies (of whom I am one on this occasion) move in:


By 12.40 pm, the job was complete. Having made trial of the works under conditions over which I had complete control, I now need to push concept into the wider world, up the ambition, and begin writing down my reflections on the whole process. The Welsh Arts Council grant application final report is as good a place as any to begin. I suspect my response will be fuller than that of most returns.

6.20 pm. Practice session 1: pull-off and hammer-on exercises. 7.30 pm. I returned to the WAC report. My answer to the first question on section 1, has exceeded 1,500 words. And, I’ve no idea whether the electronic form will permit such a large response.

My elder son and I are looking forward to …


… at Salford in September. I listen to Philip Glass’ sublimely simple, elegant, and moving opera Satyagraha (1980), about the principle of non-violent resistance. By the close of the evening shift, I’d completed the first question on the WAC form. (Sigh!) 9.45 pm. Practice session 2.