May 25, 2018

6.00 am: Post-ablutions, my first task every morning is drying and putting away the kitchen things. This, for me, is life at its most blissfully mundane:

6.30 am: Breakfast. Defrosted raspberries feel like fat squishy caterpillars. 7.15 am: A communion. 7.45 am: On with the remainder of the MA exhibition assessment report write ups.  I’m not yet written-out, but not far from it. My aim is to be concise and economic – to distil the essence of the discussion. 9.30 pm: Once these were completed and posted to Dr Forster for her review, I greeted the affairs of the day.

10.00 am: Off to work, along the Promenade. I looked across the sea (one last time) before moving on:

10.40 am: Dr Forster and I began a long day of MA Portfolio assessments, beginning at the studios in the Old College. The greater part of the examination period was behind us, now. Nevertheless, we were consciously doubling our reserves to see us through this final lap.

Echoing footprints of supports:

12.40 pm: One hearty and well-pace walk from the Old College later, we were back at the mothership to meet with our final tutees.

2.30 pm: The annual ‘walk-around’. The purpose of this collective amble is two fold: 1. To allow the pairs of assessors to review the marks given to students in their medium; and 2. To ensure that there’s an equitable and defensible distribution of marks across the mediums. It took two and a half hours to complete. Nevertheless, at the close, each staff member was confident of the marks that they’d given:

7.30 pm: The pace has to be kept up. The External Examiner arrives next week. A full set of marks and reports must be completed in order for them to undertake their responsibilities.





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