November 20, 2017

7.45 am: A communion. This would be a heavy week on all fronts, and I entered it with a virulent cold. 8.30 am: Administrations were put into place in order to ensure that my commitments for the week could be honoured and the additional layer of activities superimposed effectively. Many people needed to be kept in the loop.

9.00 am: Back to the Archive to Archive project and to the finalisation of my PowerPoint and introductory talk:

The presentation needs to be short and to the point. 11.30 am: Against the weather and, I’m sure, against the doctor’s advice, I headed for Bethel Baptist Church to survey the context of Friday’s presentation. Just knowing where sockets are, and what pieces of the furniture (like the communion table) cannot be moved, helped me to visualise the set up. I will be based in the sêt fawr [big set], below the pulpit …

… looking towards the magnificent organ:

12.20 pm: Homebase. My voice is severely scotched. Back to the presentation. This will not be a day for reflection. After lunch, I began preparing illustrative sound files.

7.30 pm: Ever onwards, until the evening’s end:


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