November 28, 2014

8.30 am. I wanted to complete Matt. 19.18 before going to the School. 10.00 am. An extended tutorial with Susan in the context of the Corbels exhibition. I’d seen the drawings before, but only in photographs. In the ‘flesh’, the scale and surface of the works surrendered previously unconsidered significances. A revelation attended our discussion. Such ‘visitations’ are rare, unsummoned, and often undeserved (although, not in this case). It disclosed a motif by which the entire body of her PhD work could be understood. I could sense the coming: a gentle ecstasy welled up — born of an unaccountable optimism and anticipation (as though something wonderful was about to happen) — and, then, broke — not into a fanfare, but as a quiet and chaste expression of thought:

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 14.39.37

2.00 pm. After lunch  together, I returned to my desk to both to consider further the support and alpha-visual coding of Sindebt. In so doing, I recovered an idea (the source material for which I’d lost) founded upon a system of translating scripture into an abstract (and colourful) code that was already established in the Christian tradition: the wordless Bible. This is an idea that must be realised. Not only because it’s there to be done, but also because the principle is foundational to my whole outlook on textual-visual translation. It may also be adaptable as a system to govern the alpha-visual conversion of Sindebt.

7.30 pm. The School of Art opening of Corbels and (Im)memorabilia:




9.00 pm. It has been over a week since Steve disappeared. Now, he has been found. Now, he’s on the other side of the veil. For those who knew him, this is Black Friday in a very different sense:

Light Veils