September 9, 2014

8.30 am. I mixed down the files for Matt. 20.17 and published the track. A number of the tracks have a distinctive sonic character, and this is one of them. The outcome of a particular composition cannot be orchestrated; it is determined by the verse (in particular, the number and the syllabic structure of the words, and the dynamics of the speech) in conjunction with the systemic process of transposition:


There are days when the disclination to re-engage a schedule of work is very strong. In part, the reluctance results from a recognition that what was a viable habit has degenerated into a numbing routine. At which point work becomes a chore. And no matter how much intellect is expended upon the work, the fact remains that the endeavour is being undertaken unintelligently. The remedy requires the worker to consider the process, rather than the content, of their activities. And so I have another task.

Until a resolution is found, I proceed by suggesting strategies to disturb myself. (Tutors need tutors too, even if it’s only themselves.):

  • Work in a different room
  • Work on laptop rather than a desktop computer
  • Listen to music that you’ve never heard before
  • Construct a lecture based entirely on images and sounds (No text allowed)
  • Stop doing one thing for a day
  • Read a chapter of a book that is unrelated to the topic about which you’re writing
  • Look intently at the landscape from the studio window for 5 minutes every hour
  • Waste an hour

I completed the current Art/Sound lecture by 5.00 pm. After practice session 1, I began sourcing images and videos for the next lecture. 9.40 pm. Practice session 2:



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