April 18, 2018

Love is a transforming power.

8.00 am: A communion. 8.30 am: I power-walked to the School to deposit and retrieve admin, then came home and attended to incoming requests. 9.00 am: In and around admin tasks, I began processing further files, using the temporal stretch software, and cagily assembling dissected samples for the ‘Saul>Paul’ composition. The track’s beat is not as insistent for this piece. This places more emphasis on the internal rhythm of Scourby’s delivery. Perhaps, the beat track will prove superfluous. Unconvinced. I was in new territory … amid unknowns. This is always a good place to be, creatively:

The internal rhythms appeared to be calling to an external one that wasn’t there. The existing backing track (engaging enough, in its own right) wasn’t gelling with the spoken word. I’d have to design a bespoke track to fit the text. This would be an inversion of my approach to the composition of the ‘Blind’ suite thus far. A rig for this purpose would need to be constructed this evening.

1.40 pm: Off to School and into a glorious Spring afternoon. What a contrast to yesterday! The School looks at its best on days like this:

Our flamingos clearly enjoyed the sunshine:

2.00 pm: I held a drop-in for my MA Vocational Practice students. This was an opportunity for them to receive advice on assessment submissions, to off-load their anxieties, and generally touch base regarding their MA studentship. In between tutorials, I fielded admin and responded to emails as they arrived.

3.45 pm: A PhD fine art tutorial. There are times when discussions about art spiral outwards towards the far bigger issues of time and eternity, and inwards to the centre of the soul. Information yields to illumination.

7.30 pm: Eventide:

I cleared my inbox and constructed the rig with which I’d generate additional beat tracks for the remaining compositions from the ‘Blind’ suite. There was a scratch at the beginning of side 4 of the Acts vinyls that’d always sounded promising. It did the job.

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