April 20, 2016


A substantial part of the day was given over to teaching at the Old College. My objective was to develop a perspective on those third year painting students whom I don’t ordinarily teach. I’ll be assessing them in May. For my part, today’s encounter puts down a marker against which I can measure their endeavours over the next three weeks, as they prepare for the final show. The day began and ended with a PhD fine art tutorial.

10.30 am. A treat at the Cabin:


Some principles and observations from today’s encounters and reflections:

  • The titles of work should have the same character as the work. Thus, to an allusive or evocative artwork should be appended a title that is similarly evasive.
  • The origin of an artwork may not be reflected in, or readable from, its outcome. Intent and content are not inimitable. An artwork may accrue meanings and direction in the course of its manufacture, in relation to the medium, the context of its production, and the evolution of the artist’s awareness of the work and themselves.
  • Thus, an artwork may embody more than we intend, and exceed our expectations.
  • Do not aim to realise other people’s expectations regarding your work. Once you do, the game is up.
  • Beauty is insufficient. Add to it integrity … at least.

An evening on British Landscape essays. It’s encouraging to see the fortitude of a number of students who, having battled with writing deficiencies in the past, have overcome and begun to excel. What seemed impossible now seems likely. Their application and diligence have made all the difference.

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