April 23, 2017

Such a day draws one out for its own sake. But I set off to buy this month’s issue of my ‘scholarly journal’ and bedtime read — Guitarist:


A moment of cognitive dissonance:


Back at the bench, I continued to plug away at the CD booklet notes and photographed the ‘map’ of ‘Image and Inscription’ to serve as an illustration therein:


It reminds me of John Cage’s collages and one of my more complex pedalboard schematics. There may be an image and stylistic characteristics here that can inform the album design. The visual culture of one’s operations and preparations is not incidental to the focal artefact produced thereby; they inform each other. Style of thought; style of action.

After lunch, a little domestic admin and research archiving, a putting away of equipment, a clearing of table tops, and a readying for the next stage of this project, and the beginnings of others waiting in the wings. On, then, with learning to use the Marantz PMD661 MkII recorder. This will be the workhorse — an audio camera — for the revitalised Aural Diary project:


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