April 25, 2017

8.30 am: As I suspected, The OtO Biscuit required a ‘hotter’ signal input than the effector placed immediately before it was able to deliver. I inserted a device with a substantial gain in between them. Problem solved. Back, then, to the mixing desk to configure the latest set of ‘end’ samples:

On my way to a medical consultation: pretty wedding tyres:

10.45 am: This would be a bitty morning, fractured by admin responses, requests for information, tutorial arrangements, advice from the external workforce, and digitising hitches. Such days must come.

After lunch, I attempted to genuinely create, as opposed to prepare to create. (The former intent is always active, the latter (sometimes), provaricative.) I returned to the ‘Blind Leaders of the Blind’ track. Last week, I’d made several samples of spoken text independently of one another. If I didn’t initiate the process of coalescence soon, they’d never establish a relation, one to another. Aligning the samples takes an inordinate length of time. How they fit together is never obvious. Sometimes, one must hit the beat of the ‘spinal’ track; at other times, syncopation is the call of the moment. Towards the end of the afternoon, I reviewed my slide presentation for tomorrow’s class on preparing a conference paper (part of the Research Postgraduate Writing week).

7.30 pm: Admin catch up. The storm had past:

Having had a few hours’ break from the afternoon’s composition, I could hear it with fresh ears. One needs to listen to the small things at this stage — the timing, speed, and positioning of particular elements. The elements need to mesh elegantly, but not predictably or perfectly, necessarily.

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