April 29, 2017

Yesterday. I dismantled the sound system for ‘The Talking Bible’ project in readiness for packing tomorrow. In one respect, the re-assembly of the same, at the National Library of Wales on Monday, began at this point. The equipment needed to be boxed and secured systematically in order to ensure that both nothing was forgotten and it could be reconnected efficiently on arrival:

In the afternoon, I visited the School to finish preparing the fixings on the main table top for the project. On my return, completed dismantling and set myself to finalise teaching and assessment admin for the weeks ahead.

Today. Boxing day. This will be like packing for a long holiday (one, however, which isn’t, short, and very close by). In this second 24-hour event, I want to structure my endeavours far more: to observe a pattern of work and evaluation; making and writing. Defined breaks must be inserted periodically and regularly. (These will be my pot noodle and cuppa soup oases.) 11.15 pm: Into town to do the necessary:

1.20 pm: Following an early lunch, I continued packing gear into storage boxes. (This is a rationale practice.) At every turn I realise that other ‘stuff’ must be taken. While it’s only a short distance to travel, all items need to secured and padded. In the background, I undertook a remix of a sound track for one of my PhD students. Bubble wrap makes the world go round.

On, then, with dismantling tables for transport. By the close of the afternoon, The larger part of the preparations were behind me. From then on, I needed to prepare myself.

5.20 pm: A cessation. 6.30 pm: An evening with my wife.

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