August 18, 2015

8.45 am. A little studio work to begin, implementing suggestions regarding the PA system to studio rack connection, ordering cable adapters and ever more Velcro, and reckoning upon the network of equipment as a whole. 10.15 am. I returned to the Abstraction module to begin second lecture:

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 10.45.14

1.30 pm. I continued with the project. In order to break into a piece of writing, I find it useful to work on it in a focussed way for at least two contiguous sessions. Ideas should be under scrutiny, constantly: ‘Why do I need to say this?’ and ‘Should it be said now, rather than later?’ and ‘Can I assume that the students know this already?’ As I wrote and sourced images, Helen and I batted back and fore emails related to a spate of late MA applications.

7.15 pm. Having connected the entire PA system to the studio rack, the cables needed rationalising, gathering, and tying. Back-breaking work under tables, for the most part. These are the necessary preparations; the ritual; the laying out of tools in readiness for the incomparably more difficult task of creating something worthwhile. 9.30 pm. Task completed. Now the entire system needs to be put through its paces:


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