August 19, 2016

9.00 am: I inserted the sound clips of the R R B V E Ǝ T N Ƨ O A suite of compositions onto the dedicated webpage and added related links elsewhere. An end to website updating and fleshing out is now in sight. Only The Pictorial Bible I gallery remains to be organised:


10.20 am: On, then, to the sound studio for a spot of radical reorganisation of its contents and the working space. Every project requires a somewhat different arrangement of the room and its contents. The tasks of the day ahead; to do:

  1. Remap and secure the connections between equipment hubs, amplifiers, and speakers.
  2. Rationalise cables.
  3. Test electrical break circuits.
  4. Eject from the studio all items that do not have a more or less immediate relevance to the project at hand.
  5. Place out of sight what shouldn’t be visible.
  6. Create storage space.
  7. Be aware of every part of the room, and what’s in each draw.
  8. Consider my body in relation to the room.
  9. What needs to be in easy reach?
  10. Make table-top space on which to be playful.
  11. Ensure that I can to switch on equipment and work, immediately.
  12. Ensure that I can record work, quickly.
  13. Vacuum and dust.
  14. Make the room pleasant to work in.

The extraction was largely of performance-based equipment (stands, tripods, etc.) that were rarely used in the setting of studio work:


Reorganisation is invigorating; order and control in reciprocal relation. I had four flights of stairs, from the third floor to the basement, to climb, down and up;  I lost count of descents and ascents. Solid aerobic exercise. By 4.30 pm, the studio was ready to be cleaned:


Evening. Vacuum cleaner in hand, I cleared the floor and shelved equipment that, formerly, had had its resting place either hung on the walls or attached to the floor:


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