August 21, 2015

9.00 am. After a little Facebookery, I pressed towards the final lap of this week’s lecture writing marathon. Planarity, frontality, gamelan, and Chinese tearooms were the watchwords for the morning’s work. 10.00 am. A phone call to Martin Owen — a whizzo electronics engineer who repairs, modifies, and makes effects pedals. He has been fixing a broken DC input on one of my effectors. We discussed the possibility of modifying a fuzz pedal to permit a wet (treated) and dry (untreated) signal to be combined in different ratios via an expression pedal. (No manufacturer produces such a thing.)

1.40 pm. A tinker in the workshop on Pedalboard IV:


2.10 pm. The sourcing and processing of videos and sound clips, which are embedded in the PowerPoint, adds time to the preparations:

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 22.54.20

Nevertheless, their inclusion is absolutely necessary. They help expand the range of cultural illustrations and provide a contrast to my endless bleating. 5.15 pm. The lecture was finished. Next week: Cubism.

7.30 pm. A significant rethink of Pedalboard IV, with the inclusion of three Gig-Fx pedals and a rerouting of the input signal across the first third of the network:


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