December 19, 2014


8.30 am. I set down some ideas for my eulogy for Martin Herbert, which I’ll deliver at the crematorium on Tuesday. 9.00 am. Worked up Matt. 20.3, while reviewing the second page-proofs of the CD cover design and booklet. 11.30 am. I proof-read the component pages of ‘Sins Removed’.

2.00 pm. I printed the pages of ‘Line upon Line’ in readiness for a manual strikethrough. I’m attempting to copy the text onto so-called ‘bible paper’ — a super-lightweight opaque paper (40 gms) on which, unsurprisingly, Bibles are printed. This is a hazardous undertaking. A single sheet is too light to be picked by the printers rollers and likely to become entangled in some deep inaccessible recess of the machine. My first strategy was to, in effect, piggyback the ‘bible paper’ on top of a standard sheet of A4 photocopying paper while taping down the top and bottom edges:


Success. But I wouldn’t want to do this for a living. 4.30 pm. The night draws in:


7.30 pm. I turned my attention to the caption and explanatory board plaques for the exhibition, and to designing the annual Christmas card:

Madonna and Child statuette, Llanbadarn Church, Wales, 2014

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