February 18, 2015

Ash Wednesday (The beginning of Lent)

8.30 am. ‘Off to school’, as they used to say in Janet and John books. The mornings, now, begin with a boot up of the TVs and sound equipment in the small gallery. 9.00 am. On, then, to the day’s teaching admin. My office needs flowers:

IMG_2573 IMG_2572

10.00 am. The first MA tutorial of the day. Encouraging and significant developments are afoot for the student concerned. One must trust that the right move in the right direction will be made for the right reasons at the right time. And that time is now:


11.40 pm. A PhD Art History tutorial. One of the last for this student. They’re on the homeward lap. (That’s an overused metaphor.)

2.00 pm. Visiting Day. Our Ambassadors are the best:


The Shropshire contingent were out in force. 3.30 pm. I had an initial discussion with a BA dissertation inquirer who’s considering researching the topic of Abstract Expressionism and jazz. I look forward to it. 4.00 pm. The second MA fine art tutorial of the day. There’s a perpetual and necessary tension between extension and consolidation, exploration and resolution, and diversification and unification in image making. Each component of each pair threatens to unseat the other component. One must tread a very thin line.

6.20 pm. Practise Session 1. 7.20 pm. I returned to the sound-archive project, writing-up minutes of meetings held since the end of December 2014.

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