February 22, 2016

9.00 am. The habitual and the routine can be deadening. When they do, one must intervene. Tutorials planned and emails dispatched, I crept back into the sound studio to take up from where I’d left off on Saturday. This dairy/blog will ‘cease trading’ at the end of the month. Other ways of encoding life — and life other than work — now need to be brought into play instead. The aural diary, which has laid moribund for too long, will be reinvigorated. Blogging, henceforth, will take the form of longer articles on single topics. A, for me, new genre of writing — the ‘sermons that no one will hear’ — will emerge to address a more devotional agenda.

On, then, with the remainder of section 2 … and beyond. On this first pass, I’ve concentrated on enhancing and equalising volumes across all the sections so far, separating out tonalities, and making the transitions more exacting. Now, each section has its own distinct character, but enough properties and characteristics shared with the others to feel part of a larger whole. Gradually, the composition will mutate from being one piece in 10 parts to 10 parts in one piece. The distinction is subtle, but substantial.

10.30 am. Blue skies, again:


1.40 pm. On to section 5. Comparatively less has to be done to bring the later sections up to speed. At times, this has felt like composing a soundtrack (in the most literal sense of that term) for an invisible film. 4.00 pm. Section 7 was completed, (again). The weather had changed too:


A little work on the composition ‘storyboard’. This is the token representation of the next ten chapters of Exodus:


4.45 pm. A brief exchange of teaching-related emails before returning to the ‘Ways of Working with Sound’ workshop development.

7.30 pm. In the same vein … . Having set out my stall — indicating, in no uncertain terms, what the workshop was and was not about — I designed a number of PowerPoint slides to serve as a starting point for the narrative. I can think more lucidly when I’ve established visual bases to ‘run’ to (like a baseball player).

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