February 23, 2015

High tides and strong winds are forecast for today. Are we to anticipate a repeat of last year’s furore? 8.30 am. Small, agitated birds were heading for the trees; seagulls encircled the town, high above, like albatrosses. The clouds bloom and churn. They’re often most beautiful before a storm:


9.00 am. Back at homebase, I caught up on email admin and set up the remaining tutorial appointments for the busy days ahead, and for the following week. A thought occurred to me over at breakfast:

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 09.35.42

Note: Tutor A and Tutee A, and Tutor A and Tutee B, and Tutee A and Tutee B, and  Tutor B and Tutee A, and Tutor B and Tutee B, are equidistant apart. Tutor A and Tutor B are further apart. This is to indicate that the latter’s interaction, in the context of the tutorial, is of less importance.

10.30 am. I return to a book chapter, which will be published by The Courtauld Institute, on the theme of my Evan Roberts wax cylinder project/CD. I need to respond (where possible) to the peer review comments, and to rewrite a few new portions of text. It’s difficult to break into a piece again, after over six months of closure.

1.30 pm. Saturday’s ‘sound plan’ regarding a three-way splitter does work in practice, and is eminently controllable. Although, Handboard 1 has now gone silent. (No doubt, having taken out a  component, I’ve rewired it incorrectly.) It can only one thing causing the problem, this instance:


2.00 pm. On with the revisions. I’m breaking into the essay via the backdoor: the endnotes. We are tested in the small things; and the small things can be very testing. In the background, I continue uploading sound and images of The Floating Bible verses to the new site. 4.30 pm. Now to chew on the meat of the chapter. I need to be ruthless in my excisions; ready to ‘kill all my darlings’, as William Faulkner advised. In revising written material, one should, ideally, give the editors more than they’d bargained for. Always go the second mile, as a matter of principle.

6.45 pm. Practise session 1. 7.20 pm. Diagrammatising further figures for illustration:

Fig X

Continued amending the text until I could see no more. 9.40 pm. Practise session 2.

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