January 10, 2015


During the last few days I’ve been occupied with four paintings, simultaneously. My sense is that I shall not pass this way again for some time to come. In my head, on the margins of this activity, other dimensions of the project, and other projects, begin to take shape. (Often, good ideas occur amid times of intense busyness.) A sense of coherence and completeness is, now, more tangible. Yesterday, I began assessing the the third year painting students. I’m encouraged by their progress. All whom I’ve so far seen are in a solid position to embark on preparations for their own show. Last night and earlier today, I disposed of a number of pressing assessment admin tasks before returning to the studio.

Forward with the set of three boards, soon to be a set of four. During the next few days, several works will be completed simultaneously. There are periods when progress is uncomfortably slow. Then …

An afternoon of the same — masking and painting and masking and … sanding:


A gessoed surface is prepared for painting the tetragrammaton ‘YHWH’ — the largest and the simplest of the works to be shown. A butter knife turned versatile tool in the art of applying and compressing masking tape to board:


5.20 pm. Enough! I am where I wished to be by the end of this day. An evening with the family.

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