January 12, 2014

‘Redeeming the time, because the days are evil’ (Eph. 5.15).

8.45 am. I processed Matt. 20.17. Not too many to do now. In the studio, I continued with another phase of masked painting before a trip to town for resources, followed by another  to the School of Art. The final part of the morning and lunch hour was given over to feedback assessment tutorials. Another satisfying ‘batch’. Their commitment is thorough; each gave a clear, critical account of their semester’s work for the painting module.

2.15 pm. Back at home, in the studio, more masking:


In between the lines, I finalised the designs for the constructions of plinths, an equipment box, and supports related to the two manifestations of The Floating Bible project. These will be executed by Phil, our genius tecky, in the next month. If you want something done … give it to someone in good time:


All the works are, now, on the homeward stretch; all plans are now firmly in place; all assistance commissioned and assured; and almost everything is paid for.

7.30 pm. An evening of assessment report form filling while pondering the logistics of developing a double-stereo sound field for the sonic manifestation of project:


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