January 15, 2015

7.15 am. The morning ‘star’:


9.00 am. My final day of assessments. Again, there was evidence of much potential, many problems, solid achievement, and some disappointments. It’s not talent that distinguishes the stronger from the weaker student so much as a commitment to persevere, put in the hours, take risks and knocks, and a sense of personal vision:


2.00 pm. After lunch, I had several short consultations with colleagues regarding frames, mounts, and television sets. 2.30 pm. At the studio, I continued painting the three panels and testing the process of printing on bible paper. The technique involves piggy-backing this very lightweight paper on a sheet of standard photocopying paper, and gluing both the top and bottom sides of bible paper to the sheet so that they don’t get separated in the rollers. Thereafter, I assessed whether a sheet of the bible paper could remain flat (having been compressed by the rollers) when placed on a horizontal plane. Initial success is apparent. Tomorrow will declare.

6.30 pm. Practise session 1. 7.30 pm. I completed reports on this morning’s assessments, and made trial of a gluing technique for annealing bible paper to card without cockling or discolouration. I’ll leave it to rest overnight before making a final evaluation. 9.45 pm. Practise session 2.

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