January 17, 2015

8.50 am. To town, and the somewhat diminished Farmers’ Market. (Inclement weather has prevented some stall-holders from arriving). The air bristles with cold — at one of the same time numbing and invigorating:


10.00 am. Into the studio and onto ‘YHWH’ and and the remaining elements of three of the four ‘Image & Superscription’ panels. Clouds bloom; darkness thickens:


A photograph from my hometown, received via Facebook:

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 11.42.20

1.45 pm. The three panels are complete at their first stage. Now, the slow, careful removal of glitches and spills that attend even the most careful application of masking tape. 2.20 pm. On with the exhibition catalogue. The design layout had already been established by the catalogues for The Pictorial Bible I and The Pictorial Bible II exhibitions (2000; 2007), so there’s not much to think about on that score. The content is quite another matter.

5.00 pm. Sufficient unto the day. An evening with the family.

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