January 19, 2015

8.45 pm. I began the day by writing references for two very good students. (Always a pleasure.) Then I undertook a little exhibition admin, including a proposal for a sound-art adjunct to The Bible in Translation project, which I’d like to create in situ at the National Screen & Sound Archive in early March. Everything is moving forward by degrees. (Tall walls are from small bricks built.) Then … back to the studio and the black sea of ‘YHWH‘:


Thereafter, I gessoed the final panel for the ‘Image & Superscription’ series and laid out the compositional diagram for ‘A Wordless Gospel: Mark’:

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 11.03.21

12.00 pm. The publicity machine is turned on. One must consider who might be the interested parties. Not easy. In one sense, I’ve always been on the high road to nowhere with this trilogy of projects. Secularists aren’t much interested in biblical content, while few Christians, for their part, have an interest in, or an understanding of, abstract and conceptualist procedures in art. ‘For in many things we offend all’, as the apostle James would say.

1.30 pm. After updating the Holy Trinity Church website, I began applying the oil-based matt black to ‘YHWH‘ and marking out the panel for ‘Mark’ in the ‘Image & Superscription’ series. I suspect that the difference between the two mediums’ ‘black’ will be less than envisaged (which will be better than anticipated):



6.20 pm. Practise session 1. (An exploration of overdriven tonality.) 7.30 pm. I returned to writing the catalogue and preparing two images for high-definition printing. My Excel images will not convert into PDFs (contrary to expectation). 9.45 pm. Practise Session 2.

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