January 24, 2015

9.15 am. I recommence micro-masking the ‘Image & Superscription’ panels, and adding layers ‘Trust in Thy Word’ and ‘YHWH‘. Ideally, all the paintings need to be resolved by the close of Monday. Then, I can attend to mounting works and preparing The Floating Bible (both the visual and sonic manifestations):


Edgar Froese, the founder of the German electronic group Tangerine Dream, died in Vienna recently. I played the group’s Phaedra (1974). I’ve not listened to it since I was 16 years of age, or recognized how influential it was on the sonic character of Bowie’s Heroes album, released three years later. Afterwards, I watched a video of two of the most interesting and innovative guitarists around: Fred Frith ands Nel Kline. This type of work builds a sonic sculpture on the plinth of music, as opposed to that of fine art:


1.30 pm. I maintained the morning’s activity. You must learn to be niggled by little things in art. But this should never be an attitude in the broader scheme of life. 4.00 pm. A tea in honour of retiring Bishop Wyn, at Holy Trinity Church. 4.45 pm. Home, and an with preparations for dinner for our two guests.

6.00 pm. An evening with the family.

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