January 30, 2015

8.00 am. I reviewed last night’s incoming emails, completed a little research admin,  and wrote a student reference. 9.10 am. I’m now on Matt. 20.22 of The Floating Bible visual manifestation, with only two more verses to do. Every few minutes, I clicked on a web link in the hope of securing tickets for the first of King Crimson’s UK tour dates. Desperation and defeat — the link leads only to an error page:

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.30.06

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.30.20

11.30 am. Into the studio for the last day’s painting of ‘YHWH‘, a concluding layer to ‘Trust in Thy Word’ (which is now made up of three types of translucent whites) and the start of final mounting:


A slight mishap with a scalpel knife removed the skin at the top of my left forefinger. (He who lives by the scalpel knife shall … .)

1.40 pm. Posted several publicity shots for the exhibition before moving deeper into the menu functions of a Toshiba TV (on which, together with three others) ‘Intercessions’ will be shown. In comparison to the operation of Mac and PC settings menus, TVs exhibit a sometime imponderable counter-intuitiveness. Should not kindred functions be on one and the same menu, rather than spread over many and disparate?:


3.30 pm. Then, to pour the sound version of The Floating Bible into iTunes (which will be the player for the installation during the exhibition). This must be thoroughly tested too. Nothing can be left to chance or presumed functional — even if every fibre in one’s body believes it will be.

7.00 pm. A twofold enterprise: designing the exhibition boards and setting up the sound equipment for The Floating Bible. I’m endeavouring to upload WAV files into iTunes without significant loss of audio quality. Converting them to Apple’s AIFF Lossless format does the trick:


11.00 pm. Bedtime catch-up on the week’s world news.

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