January 5, 2015

A night of vivid (fulsome and plausible) dreams involving places where I’d lived and travelled between. 9.00 am. I eased my way into the day by processing Matt. 20.13. Thereafter, back into the studio and my first experience with Liquid Gold. It’s expensive, but the best. Other brands are far too brassy in their colour and lustre:


Due to the uneven absorbency of the paper, and the progressive separation of the gold pigment from its medium, brushing on the paint fails to create a surface that one might associate with the application of gold-leaf. Back to square one, therefore. Rolling on the gold may do the trick:


In between phases this procedure, I masked and began painting one of the four board supports. In the between the drying periods, I mapped out the composition for the other three board supports:


The drawing up of all three was completed by 8.15 pm. I, then, addressed matters related to caption design and exhibition board information. A good outcome for the day.

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