January 6, 2015

9.00 am. Mopped up emails and dispatched Matt. 20.13 before beginning a day of masking and painting. There’s little time to ruminate upon the process; this is a time for work not words. Pray, and keep your pencil sharp:


The rolled gold technique worked for four out of five of the text units. One will need to be repeated tomorrow. The paint’s fumes are a little alarming. I’ll not be making a habit of this:


I returned to the painting supports and commenced masking. Each painting (the design of which is undergirded by a grid) has to undergo this process at least four times. On occasions, the tedium is dispiriting. I’m working with Farrow & Ball water-based dead-flat colours. Its link painting with single cream and dries to the surface of an unmodulated area of gouache:


An evening marking the Art/Sound module’s PowerPoint essays. The end is nigh:


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