July 15, 2016


On whatever grounds the majority of referendum voters wished to distance themselves from the EU, last night’s atrocity in Nice reminds us that there are worthy reasons to continue to confirm solidarity with our European neighbours and allies.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 11.37.28

For the first two hours of the day I battled with TIFF files placed in parallel. At 600dpi and a bit depth of 32, the aggregated TIFF would not convert to a JPEG within Photoshop. The file’s settings had to be reduced to 300/24 (which is quite large/dense enough for my purposes).

Throughout the day, I maintained my routine of constructing page and plate artwork for the booklet. It was a painfully slow process. Mercifully, the artwork illustrations (the figures) were designed for the exhibition boards, last year:

Letter formation schematic for ‘Preaching = Painting’ (2014)

There is, now, an unsettling. The earth trembles, violence erupts, powers topple, the unspeakable is spoken, what should not becomes, and a distant, dark-tide rises. This is how it begins.

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