July 18, 2016

Let us lay aside every weight (Heb. 12.1).

On Saturday, the the new pitch modulating module was added to Pedalboard III. A full test of the board will be undertaken on Monday:


Pedalboard IV has also undergone a significant reconfiguration in recent months. Both boards are now optimised:


By the close of Saturday, I’d completed the first run through of The Pictorial Bible III section of the booklet.

Sunday. A profound mist dematerialised the scenery at Nant Yr Arian. Landmarks were rendered as stains on a toned ground:


Monday, 9.00 am. There were a few emails that required immediate attention. Thereafter, the meat of the morning was a review and correction of the first section of the book. By 11.30 am, the first pass was complete. A second pass was initiated. On this occasion, my attention was upon the text, rather than the formatting and placement of text boxes, images, and page furniture. (One can only attend to some things at once.):


Afternoon. On with the second section of the booklet: The Aural Bible II. Halfway through the afternoon, I put Pedalboard III through her paces. She sings!

In Practise session 1, after dinner, I explored the potential of the pitch shifter in conjunction with two delay pedals operating in series; the first was set to reverse mode, the second, to feedback mode. There’s some mileage in this arrangement.

Evening. Back to the PhD thesis review. I need this off the desk by tomorrow evening.

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