June 12, 2017

9.00 am: A sluggish start; various intolerances to foods over the weekend, which have left me yawning, mentally diffused, and with aching limbs. But, we pressed on. To begin: a student reference needed to be written and postgraduate correspondence and admin, undertaken. After which, I briefly revisited my proposal for the Bible and Sound conference/book and, then, created several test pages derived from biblical texts for the image>sound conversion project:

Before lunch, I began creating an album for the sounds to Mr Ruddock’s 2A: Earth Core artwork on my Sound website. The suite of works (each sample being 10-minutes long) includes the track that accompanied the visual work, and others that’d been rejected:

2.00 pm: Another type of drill hole was made — into the chassis of the Stylophone on this occasion. 2.30 pm: On with the conference conspectus for a while and, then, on to assemble the publicity for a public lecture, to be given in November, at the National Library of Wales, on the ‘Image and Inscription’ composition. I had great difficulty keeping awake at my desk; the lassitude and aches had persisted and intensified. It’s an old ‘friend’ in the face of whom I’m impotent to ameliorate my condition.

7.30 pm: A light read and a heavy rest.

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