June 13, 2017

Why should I want to be anyone other than who I am?

My first birthday party, Abertillery, 6.00 pm, June 13, 1960

According to the Chicago Tribune for June 13, 1959, the temperature for London was 61°F. Today, it’s 64°F.  I entered the world at 6lb and 5oz on a Saturday during the Changing of the Guard. While I’ve no truck with horoscopes – for theological and purely intellectual reasons – the following characterisation of those born on this day is surprisingly accurate in my case:

Gemini natives have a horoscope predisposition to suffer from illnesses and ailments related to the area of the shoulders and upper arms. A few of the possible illnesses and diseases a Gemini may need to deal with are listed in the following rows, plus stating that the chance to suffer from other health problems should be considered too:

June 13 1959 astrology Esophagi is which is characterized by difficulties or pain when swallowing, heartburn, nausea & vomiting.
June 13 1959 astrology Multiple personality disorder which is characterized by the presence of two or more distinct identities or personality types.
June 13 1959 astrology Brain chemistry imbalances that are considered to be one of the first causes to contribute to mental illnesses.
June 13 1959 astrology Nasal catarrh which is mainly the feeling of stuffy and runny nose plus facial pain and loss of smell.

9.15 am: I (or, perhaps, it should be ‘we’) limped to School (suffering from a good deal of the above in concert), determined to take the day one hour at a time. References dispatched and tutorial arrangements put in place, my thoughts turned to my contribution to the forthcoming Aberystwyth University Learning and Teaching Conference.

Mrs Macklin (good to see her back in the building) began her four-day, Life-Long Learning course on ‘Figure to Landscape’ at the School today. The studio awaited:

11.00 am: Special Cases board meeting. Either we didn’t talk about those insuperable problems that some students face presently, when I was a student, or else such problems are far more prevalent these days:

12.00 pm: An MA inquirers meeting. 12.30 pm: A Postgraduate Monitoring Committee to discuss and finalise the submission of reports. Thereafter, I concluded the minutes of the meeting and formatted the forms for dispatch to the Institute’s monitoring committee. 3.20 pm: Pressed on with finalising postgraduate marks in readiness for tomorrow’s finalists’ board meeting. It has been so cold!

7.00 pm: An evening with my family.

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