June 20, 2015

9.45 am. Emails checked, recent equipment sourcing reviewed, and I was back into the sound studio to re-educate myself in the ways of filters. Mercifully, I have a mind that is well-adapted to learning the functions and logic of electronic equipment. It’s also well adapted to forget the same. So I write down a digest of my learning:


12.00 pm. Korg KP3 mastered, I move on to the Korg Quad. Easy. 2.00 pm. I attached my array of Eventide modulators, first, after and, secondly, before the sampler/looper for a comparative test:


The effectors aren’t sufficiently controllable as hands-on devices, and their ‘effectiveness’, in terms of a distinct and deep modulation of sound, is disappointing. Moreover, the inclusion of the Eventide modulators over complicates the system in toto, as well as duplicates some of the other effectors’ functions. Only one device is necessary: a one-shot sampler set before the sampler/looper devices.

4.30 pm. A little preparation for the recording of the Welsh and Authorised versions of the second commandment at the National Screen and Sound Archive on Monday. 5.15 pm. Close. 7.30 pm. Practise session 2.

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