June 24, 2015

I experienced, what was for me, a vivid and reasonably coherent dream last night. It took place in a large, well-lit modernist cafeteria in Berlin. A few people only were eating. I was giving a lecture on post-war art in Germany to a group of students. The crux of my discussion was a comparison between socially-critical paintings by Edward Hopper (who in the context of the dream was a German artist) and photorealist images by one Robert Anson Hans [?], which celebrated his country’s economic rise. The latter’s work looked something like this: a mélange of paintings by Gerhard Richter and Ted Serios’ thoughtographs:


8.30 am. I returned to The Pictorial Bible III and The Aural Bible II series booklet, which will be included on the forthcoming The Bible in Translation sound CD. The text is more or less in the bag. I now need to insert it into the design framework, and photograph the recent visual work for inclusion also.

9.45 am. A dental check-up. The wait …


10.30 am. At the School, I caught up with admin and undertook minor tasks. 11.30 pm. A PhD fine art tutorial with Eileen Harrisson:


Eileen’s activities traverse image-making (in stitch), sound-collaging, and writing poetry. We explored concepts such as: procedural and methodological analogues between image and sound superimposition; improving poor quality sound recordings; and ‘performing’ poetry using pre-existing voice samples.

1.00 pm. A sound research collaboration meeting with Dr Roberts at our usual watering hole. Sometimes, a good idea comes at the wrong time. This is the case with respect to the proposed theme for the next sound conference. Consequently, we needed to stand further back from our original plan in order to perceive the broader landscape of possibilities. I’m confident that a more appropriate governing principle will emerge, and in due season. And, moreover, the idea that we’re shelving (or the essence of such) will find its place in the new scheme of things, later on. Our responsibility, in the interim, is to keep talking, think intelligently, consult with others, ‘hear’ our hearts, and await the moment of realisation.

3.15 pm. Homebase. I finalised the postgraduate monitoring admin. (Hoorah!), sent off Monday’s recordings to the vinyl pressing company, and addressed incoming emails. 4.15 pm. On, then, with articulating our lunchtime thoughts and further modifying The Bible in Translation catalogue text.

7.30 pm. A letter to write and tracks for the new CD to remaster. I’m still able to tweak them to betterment, and will continue to do so until they peak. I’m applying every ounce of the hard-won knowledge and experience that I gained while mastering the first CD. Evening ends:


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